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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to Make Origami Lucky Stars

Kids and adults alike all seem to become addicted to making origami paper stars, so be careful who you share these lucky star instructions with!

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Here are the origami lucky star instructions:

1.        Start with a strip of paper.  Make a loop at one end of the paper strip.
2.       Tuck the shorter end of the paper strip into the loop to make a knot.
3.       Pull carefully to tighten the knot.
4.       Adjust and flatten the knot so that you end up with a flat pentagon.
5.       Fold the short end of the paper strip back along the edge of the pentagon.  If it protrudes beyond the pentagon, you can cut the excess off.
6.       Fold the long end of the paper strip along the edge of the pentagon.
7.       Continue to wrap the remainder of the paper strip around the pentagon, carefully preserving the pentagon shape.
8.       Once you get to the end of the strip, tuck the end under a layer of paper.  You can trim off the excess if it is too long to fit under.
9.       Your pentagon will end up looking like this...
10.   Using your fingernails, carefully push in the middle of each edge of the pentagon.
11.   The center of the pentagon will puff up, and you will end up with an adorable star. 

Have fun!

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