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Monday, March 26, 2012

Instructions on How to Fold Origami Hearts

I have been getting many requests for instructions on how to make these cute little paper hearts, so here it is!  If you would like to order the paper strips for making the origami hearts, please go to www.KatherinaKrafts.etsy.com.  Have fun!

1.  Start at one end of the paper strip.  Fold the bottom corner up to the top edge to form a triangle.
2.  Fold along the edge of the triangle.
3.  Continue folding along the triangle until you reach the end of the paper strip.  Try to maintain the triangle shape.
4.  At the end of the paper strip, trim off any excess paper.  Use a small dab of glue to attach the end flap.  You should end up with a triangle, as pictured.
5.  Using scissors, trim and round off the top two corners.  Push down gently in the middle of the top edge of the triangle (arrow) to form the heart.
6.  The center of the heart will puff up, and you will end up with a cute little heart!

Origami Hearts Paper Strips


  1. Gorgeous!!!! Lovely hearts, thanks for the instructions, I'll try!

  2. What are the demintions of the paper strips needed for this?

    1. 1 inch by 5 inch paper will work well. If you would like to purchase the paper, please visit my Etsy site at:
      Good luck!

  3. So cute ........will new making these at my 45th betty boop party....thanks