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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Origami Chore Stars, a Great Alternative to Chore Charts

I was folding origami lucky stars the other day, and a couple of kids asked to see them.  Since I had quite a few of the stars already made, I offered to give them a couple of stars each.  Well, once they saw the brightly colored rainbow array of stars, two stars turned into three, three turned into four, and pretty soon, I had no stars left, and the kids were still begging for more.  I couldn't fold fast enough! 

After seeing how much the kids loved the stars, an idea came to me.  These little origami stars would be great as an incentive the same way teachers and parents use stickers or treats. 

Here's how it works:  The origami stars have customized chores printed on them.  Have the children pick a star and complete the chore listed on the star. If it is done to your satisfaction, they can keep the star in their own special jar or container. Once they fill up their jar, you can give them a special treat! 

Your children will love seeing their star chore jars fill up with stars. It's a great motivation for them to help out mom and dad, and you just may get some well deserved time to yourself!

These origami chore stars can also make a wonderful Mother's Day or Father's Day present! Have your children come up with tasks that they will do for you, and use these stars as "coupons" for you redeem your task.

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